We design, manufacture and deploy the world’s most advanced broadcast technology.

We are revolutionising the provision of advanced broadcast technology, moving the industry towards a flexible, cost efficient, software-driven future.

We provide broadcast software for video and audio transport, running on off-the-shelf IT equipment. This allows IT hardware to perform multiple broadcast functions, aiding convergence between the broadcast and IT industries, and drastically reducing costs.


High-quality, low-latency contribution services
using IT hardware
Native support for Uncompressed-over-IP.
Ready to be integrated into existing and future
broadcast infrastructure.
Based on a rich heritage of high quality industry standard open source projects used by millions worldwide. Ready to be integrated directly into
your broadcast chain.
Our Solutions

Since November of last year, three racecourses in Spain, the Netherlands and Austria have transmitted more than fifty races over IP completely error free, solidifying our belief that IP was the perfect solution to our problem.

Patrick LorentAd hoc Project Manager, Globecast

Using an Open Broadcast Encoder on commodity hardware has enabled Sky News to design and implement cost effective, flexible solutions, ranging from low latency contribution video to internal IPTV channels.

Chris SmithTechnology Development Executive, Sky News

Pelmorex chose OBE software because it provided us a flexible, high-performance, and cost-effective solution for broadcast TV encoding.

Alex LeslieTechnology Officer, Pelmorex Media Inc.

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