How do we support the move to IP and Cloud for Media Service Providers?

Our Encoders and Decoders are used extensively as Flexible Edge Devices by Media Service Providers moving to, or already based in the Cloud.

Flexible Edge Devices are key to IP and Cloud Agility

  • Ever-changing customer requirements mean that fixed-function devices lack the flexibility in a fast moving media industry
  • COTS-based technologies allow for rapid scaling and running additional software in parallel
  • Variety of Form-Factors allow for a wide range of customer sites, (e.g flypacks, venues, vehicles or datacentres)
  • Third-party or in-house developed cloud routing and processing platforms from partners allow for output format agility that clients demand, especially for OTT deliveries
  • Control from Service Provider Orchestration Layer to integrate within existing scheduling and management systems

How can we help?

Our products have led the way in the transition to IP for many media service providers. We have unrivalled expertise in the edge products which are the main on/off-ramp to the cloud and make the transition to IP as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

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