The broadcast industry is going through a massive transition to IP contribution and distribution using the Public Internet and The Cloud for delivery

At Open Broadcast Systems we have worked with customers to deliver a variety of contribution and primary distribution transitions. This may involve satellite replacement or augmentation and offers a more efficient and agile method to contribute or deliver B2B broadcast services. A flexible software encode/decode platform is a key part of the transition to IP contribution and distribution.

Primary Distribution

IP delivery allows for content providers to augment or replace costly satellite or fibre infrastructure with more flexible IP infrastructure

  • Massive scalability and easy on-prem to cloud integration
  • Rapid deployment to new affiliates or customers
  • Resilient transmission via one or more Internet Connections
  • Reliable and secure delivery using intelligent error recovery and bank grade security
  • Pay as you grow licensing
  • Optional reduced bandwidth (lower cost) satellite backup


The increased consumer demand for content inevitably falls on the shoulders of contribution teams, who at the same time are under increasing financial pressure to reduce costs and go green. Traditional methods such as satellite and fibre may not have the flexibility and scalability to meet the demands placed on contribution teams. IP and Cloud can satisfy many of these challenges, scaling easily with reduced CAPEX. Increasingly remote production workflows are also optimising use of resources and reducing travel costs.

In spite of new technologies like The Cloud, IP, 5G etc. audiences still expect the same high quality video that they are accustomed to.

How can we help?

Our products have led the way in the transition to IP for many broadcasters and service providers. We have unrivalled expertise in the edge products which are the main on/off-ramp to the cloud and make the transition to IP as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

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