In a large scale contribution or primary distribution network, operators need visibility and access to all essential equipment. They also need to connect video feeds and services to customers, or swiftly diagnose and respond to faults.

Fleet Manager provides a single interface through which an entire encoding and decoding estate can be monitored and managed.

The interface is easy to understand and intuitive to navigate, with important functions such as start/stop and re-routing easily accessible. The web interface for individual hosts is quickly accessible, allowing for full control of devices from within a single resource.

The dashboard page can be deployed as a Heads-Up-Display, giving immediate and up-to-date visibility of vital system status across all contribution and subscriber sites.

With Fleet Manager, the advantages of IP contribution are extended even further, as front line operational staff are able to access real-time information about the broadcast essential systems.  Remote control of devices via standard SNMP commands means minimal configuration is required on third-party networks.

Fleet Manager can be deployed on a VM or a modest system as a go-to resource for centralised management of the encoder/decoder estate.

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