The most advanced 5G bonding solution ever built


The 5G Flyaway is the first cellular bonding solution built around the needs of sports broadcasters and linear channel backup. It brings professional broadcast encoding and interoperable video transport to the world of cellular bonding.

For the first time broadcasters can maintain the highest standards when using cellular bonding for video transport.

  • High Quality 10-bit 4:2:2, 16-channel audio with feeds remaining in sync throughout
  • Closed Captions, Teletext and SCTE Passthrough for linear channels
  • Strict CBR MPEG-Transport Stream for maximum interoperability with third-party receivers (including direct uplink to satellite)
  • Output in standard protocols such as RTP, SRT or Zixi
  • Ability to bond any form of Internet connection, including Starlink and OneWeb LEO
  • Powerful external antennas allow reaching distant cell towers for maximum performance up to 100m (300ft) away from encoder with a single cable
  • Seamless failover from fibre to cellular and LEO and back to fibre
  • Transportable in aircraft cabin baggage

Powerful bonding technology from Zixi allows high-bitrate video feeds to be distributed over 5G Networks.

High quality encoding and video transport without any compromises

Optionally available with Worldwide Pay-as-you-go data plans, allowing travel anywhere in the world without the need for complicated tariffs and SIM card changes.

By complying with strict Constant-Bitrate MPEG Transport Stream standards, feeds from the 5G Flyaway can be shared easily with sports rights-holders and other takers. For linear channels, feeds can be delivered directly to cable headends or operators in a bit-exact fashion to feeds on fibre.

Feeds can even be passed through directly to satellite for uplink. This is in contrast to existing cellular bonding equipment which require a re-encode to meet broadcast standards, adding latency and reducing quality.

Find out more technical information about the 5G Flyaway in the datasheet:

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