Our solutions can be used for a wide range of different use cases. Below are just a few examples. Please get in touch for bespoke requirements.

Broadcast Contribution

Many of our customers use our solutions for contribution, from a remote site to the studio, ready for delivery. The setup may vary from user to user and depending on the location of the remote site, but essentially it can either involve a private dedicated internet connection or, in many cases, our customers use the standard public internet. In some of the high-profile areas in and around London, we have our encoders and decoders in street furniture, making it easy for our customers to gather breaking news instantly.

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OBE C-100 Encoder and Decoder

Below are some examples of how our broadcast customers have been using our solutions:

Live Football Using 4G to Satellite
Broadcast-Quality Video over IP for Fellowship Church in Texas
Transmitting UEFA Football Over IP from the Faroe Islands
Icelandic TV
BBC Festival Fringe

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