Our Encoders and Decoders are able to deliver high quality, low-latency broadcast services, running as apps on standard IT hardware. Both turnkey solutions or bring-your-own-hardware options are available. By leveraging the advantages in CPU-based video processing, customers are able to build flexible contribution encode and decode solutions, including mixed encode/decode functionality in any combination!

All of our products are managed via a powerful UI or SNMP and have native support for Uncompressed IP.

OBE encoding and decoding - c-100

OBE C-100 Encoder / Decoder

The OBE C-100 Encoder and Decoder supports high-quality, low-latency news, sport and channel contribution. More cost-effective than comparable solutions, the C-100 allows flexible deployment of contribution services in pure software or on a wide variety of high density chassis.

Datasheet: View C-100 Datasheet

Example hardware platforms

OBE C-200 Encoder / Decoder

The C-200 is the platform that delivers premium broadcast content. Already delivering ultra-high value content to millions around the globe, in pristine quality and the lowest end-to-end latency in its class.

As with all OBE products the C-200 platform is available as pure software for IT-centric deployments or as appliances for more traditional use-cases, all at a fraction of the cost of existing equipment, making the most of the savings provided by commodity equipment. The C200 Decoder is capable of decoding MPEG-TS to 2022-6 and 2110 Uncompressed IP, using software running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

High Density encoding and decoding, up to 64-channels in 2-rack-units, provides unrivalled density

Datasheet: View C-200 Datasheet

OBE C-200 Encoder and Decoder

Example hardware platform

Product Comparison

Model Use Case Video Audio Ancillary
C-100 Encoder / Decoder Entry level contribution MPEG-4 / AVC 4:2:2 8-bit high-density MP2, AAC, Opus, S302 Closed captions only
C-200 Encoder / Decoder Premium contribution MPEG-4 / AVC 4:2:2 10-bit maximum compression MP2, AAC, Opus, S302 (with realignment) Full support