Downloads for OBE can be found below. More information about how to use these downloads can be found on the OBE Wiki:

Developers can also access the source code on Github:

Note that for legal reasons we cannot offer precompiled binaries for free download

OBE-VOD 0.3 Source
OBE-Video on Demand Source code.
This file contains the fdk-aac encoder as used in OBE-RT 1.0. This contains a Third-Party Modified Version of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library for Android.
Libav - OBE 1.0
This file contains Libav modified for use with OBE Realtime 1.0. This should only be used with OBE realtime and not OBE-VoD.
Libmpegts - OBE RT 1.0
This contains Libmpegts, which is required for OBE-RT 1.0 and OBE-VoD.
x264 - OBE RT 1.0
x264 for use with OBE-RT 1.0.
OBE RT 1.0
OBE Realtime 1.0 main source download.

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