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6th October 2020

Satellite replacement/augmentation for broadcast contribution feeds

With the advent of new IP distribution technologies, traditional satellite contribution can be augmented or…
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3rd August 2020

What makes a good professional video capture/playback card?

How we designed a “Software Defined Interface” capture and playback card built around 21st century…
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10th July 2020

Why Native Uncompressed IP Decoding Matters

We recently announced the addition of Native Uncompressed IP decoding to our C-200 decoder. The…
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7th July 2020

Open Broadcast Systems Launches Native Uncompressed IP Decoding

London 7th July 2020 – Open Broadcast Systems has announced the launch of native Uncompressed IP decoding…
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BlogCase Study
3rd June 2020

Case Study: Broadcast-Quality Video over IP for Fellowship Church in Texas

In 2009, Trinity Fellowship Church, Texas opened a new 4,000-person auditorium with broadcast-quality video infrastructure.…
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