Open Broadcast Systems Launches Uncompressed Media Processor at NAB

London, 12th April – Open Broadcast Systems has launched the UMP, a sophisticated Uncompressed Media Processor built on COTS hardware.

It frees ST-2110 and other IP media processing from costly broadcast-specific hardware. Featuring Dual Hundred Gigabit Interfaces (upgradeable to Two Hundred Gigabit), Uncompressed video can be processed and monitored on a wide variety of form factors, including monitoring of closed captions and teletext.

This powerful media processing platform is the missing-link for numerous workflows that often require conversion back to SDI for monitoring or other processing. At the same time, the COTS hardware can be used for other workloads, something not possible with fixed function hardware.

Kieran Kunhya, Founder and CEO, Open Broadcast Systems, commented: “Until now broadcast ‘glue’ has been the home of costly fixed-function broadcast equipment in stark contrast to the move to IT and cloud in the industry. The UMP changes all of this, providing huge media processing capabilities using off-the-shelf hardware.”

Open Broadcast Systems will be exhibiting on Booth W2442 at NAB from 14th – 17th April. Find out more or book a meeting.

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