Open Sourcing our PTP and ST 2110 analysis tool

We’re announcing that we’re open sourcing our internal tool for measuring PTP and ST 2110 streams. It aims to provide simple sanity-checks of ST 2110 streams. We hope that open sourcing this tool will push the industry toward greater PTP and timestamp compliance outside of a lab environment.

We frequently have to debug PTP and ST 2110 timestamp issues in the field* and we hope that this simple tool will allow end-users to do the same quickly without the need to make large and unwieldy packet captures over many days. On the other hand, it does not aim to provide a deep mathematical analysis of ST 2110. Tools like EBU LIST are better suited for this. Thus it aims to be a good compromise between an operational tool and a detailed analysis tool.

This tool was developed during the stay-at-home portion of the pandemic to develop the ST 2110 functions of our C-200 encoders and decoders and as result doesn’t require any form of remote desktop capability and uses standard Linux libraries with few dependencies.

It supports the following functions:

  • ST 2110-20 (video) packet arrival time and RTP-PTP offset measurements
  • ST 2110-30 (audio) RTP-PTP offset measurements
  • ST 2022-6 (SDI over IP) first packet arrival time relative to PTP alignment point measurements

The following network cards are supported:

  • Any network card with hardware timestamping of all packets with a VSS Ethernet Trailer such as the Silicom PE310G2TSI9P
  • Any network card with hardware timestamping of all packets via “adapter_unsynced” timestamps such as the Mellanox ConnectX5

By supporting different network cards with different timestamping approaches we are able to cross-check our results.

Here’s what our tool’s output looks like:

The logging has been specifically designed so that an incident report (e.g from an MCR) in local time can be reconciled quickly to a particular video frame or field.

You can download and run ptpmeasure here:

* More on this available here:

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