The broadcast industry is going through a massive transition from satellite to IP

At Open Broadcast Systems we have worked with customers to deliver a variety of contribution and primary distribution use-cases. This may involve satellite replacement or augmentation and offers a more efficient and agile method to contribute or deliver your B2B broadcast services.

Primary Distribution

IP delivery allows for content providers to replace costly satellite infrastructure with more flexible IP infrastructure

  • Massive scalability and easy on-prem to cloud integration
  • Rapid deployment to new affiliates or customers
  • Resilient transmission via one or more Internet Service Providers
  • Reliable and secure delivery using intelligent error recovery and bank grade security
  • Simple addition of encode or decode channels (pay as you grow)
  • Optional reduced bandwidth (lower cost) satellite backup


As working models trend towards remote and distributed production, IP provides two way channels to facilitate intercom and remote device control, as well as telemetry and data analytics. Reliable delivery of content over the internet reduces reliance upon more expensive leased lines and circuits via telcos, but also enables elastic production models as capacity can be provisioned in next to no time. The more efficient the process before delivery, the easier it will be for broadcasters to deliver more and better content to the end user.

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