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Open Broadcast Systems Launches New SDI Card for the Low-latency Software Era

London, 6th August 2020 – Open Broadcast Systems has announced the launch of its own Serial Digital Interface (SDI) card. The SDI card features a range of operational advancements to facilitate 24/7/365 professional capture and playback, delivering the lowest latency of any card available as well as operating with high density and increased performance.

Open Broadcast Systems has completely redesigned the standard SDI processing functions, to drastically improve upon current end to end latency rates, resulting in a huge reduction in processing delay. Improvements have also been made to playback functionality to minimise buffering in order to improve overall performance.

Kieran Kunhya, CEO, Open Broadcast Systems, commented: “This announcement represents years of hard work from our dedicated team. Our aim was to apply 21st century development practices to a legacy application such as SDI. The design decisions we have made have resulted in huge latency improvements. There is no other card like this on the market.”

The SDI card has already been deployed for a large-scale project and is currently only available for use with Open Broadcast Systems products.

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