This month, we will be heading to Mumbai for BroadcastIndia, where we will be exhibiting together with our local partner, Lamhas. India is an interesting region for us because quite simply it is a market where flexibility and price adaptability are absolutely key.

According to a recent report by PwC, India’s video streaming industry is set to grow at 22%. However, at the same time OTT players say Indians still don’t want to pay for content. This means that service providers need cost-efficient ways to produce, contribute, and distribute content.

We have already proven that IP contribution and indeed distribution is much more cost-efficient than traditional methods. However, many providers are not maximizing its full potential. In India, there is a need to get costs down far more than in most other areas of the globe. Add to that the fact that there is an environment that is fast-paced and innovative as broadcasters and service providers serve the insatiable demands of Indian consumers.

The beauty with our technology is that you should be able to use pretty much any standard IT hardware as the processing can all take place in the software. Rather than using broadcast-grade hardware often used by those launching supposed IP solutions, it is far better to use standard IT hardware. This means you can load up whatever software is needed and change it as often as required. It also means that customers can get the most cost-effective solution available. For customers in India, we are seeing a demand to use homegrown equipment with all the same functionality in the software as you would get anywhere and thanks to our flexible approach, we can provide that.

If you are heading to BroadcastIndia, come and see us on Stand G707 to find out more.

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