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London, 18th May 2021 – Open Broadcast Systems has added support for 5G in its encoder products. This allows low-latency, high-quality video to be transported from its encoders in full broadcast contribution quality.

As 5G continues to roll out globally, it will deliver higher connectivity and increase on-the-go bandwidth capabilities and reduce end-to-end latencies to as low as 100ms. As well as enabling broadcasters to deliver much more interactivity thanks to higher bandwidth, it will open up a wealth of possibilities for remote production over mobile networks, without sacrificing quality. This allows for broadcasters to deliver customers better entertainment experiences, which could include adding extra camera angles or engaging experiences.

Open Broadcast Systems has built 5G support into its existing encoder products, making it possible for customers to contribute live video over 5G without the need for external hardware. This integration makes delivering over 5G simple for any broadcaster or content provider and enables remote production from anywhere with a 5G network.

Kieran Kunhya, Founder and CEO, said: “By adding 5G support to our encoders, customers for the first time can experience Broadcast Quality, not Backpack Quality, at sub 100ms latencies over mobile networks. Anyone with a spare slot on their encoder can add 5G modems to take advantage of the growing connectivity available.”

5G modules for Open Broadcast Systems encoders are available immediately. Nemeton TV, a production company, based in the heart of the Irish countryside, will be using the 5G support as a proof of concept during the next season of Gaelic Football and Hurling Championship later this year.

Fiachna Mac Murchú, Technical Systems Manager, Nemeton TV, added: “We have already begun some tests with Open Broadcast System’s 5G equipment and have been pleased with the results. This will make it much easier for us to contribute feeds from live matches across Ireland, without impacting the quality.”

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