ST-2110 and Zixi

In a previous blog post, we wrote about ST-2110 and getting content to and from the cloud using our encoders and decoders. But what happens if your critical transmissions need more sophisticated packet recovery, analytics, failover, bonding and other advanced features? You look to Zixi, the company which pioneered video transport over the public internet.

ST-2110 transmissions are too high bandwidth to be transported over the public internet and so a solution like our dense C-200 Encoder is needed to compress these signals to manageable data rates. Likewise, you may need to decode transport streams back to ST-2110 for integration in a facility using our C-200 Decoder. Our products have NMOS IS-04/05 support for interoperable control without the need for custom drivers.

We have been long-time partners of Zixi, partnering with them to deliver critical transmissions to hundreds of millions of viewers.

A combined solution provides advanced capabilities

The combined Open Broadcast Systems plus Zixi solution allows for full use of the Zixi Edge Compute solution. Other products may only expose a small portion of Zixi’s capabilities. This means on a single device you can have sophisticated monitoring, failover, bonding and other advanced features using ZEC’s high performance packet processing. This combined solution provides a future-proof and interoperable approach to managing video transport over the public internet using Zixi or other Protocols.

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